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Problem with subscription emails

  1. roberttostevin


    I know that there were problems recently with subscription emails not being sent out. However I never experienced that problem until now. I updated to the latest version of Jetpack and now none of my subscribers are receiving emails.

    Blog url:

  2. I don't see any subscriptions for that blog under your roberttostevin account.

    Are you subscribed via a different account or email address? If so, what is it?

  3. I have about 3 subscribers for

    Also for

    The latter is what I'm more concerned about as its a community magazine site



  4. Ok, but would you please tell us which username or email address you're subscribed with?

  5. I've subscribed under [email redacted]

    I also know that 1 other subscriber [email redacted] is not receiving them.

    I suspect that all the others won't be receiving them either.

    Is the problem on my site or the jet pack site ?



  6. Would you please tell us which version of Jetpack you're running?

  7. It's 1.8.2

  8. Ok, that should work.

    Would you please check your email's spam folder?

    Also, did you miss the previous post too, or was this latest post the first problem?

  9. These subscriptions have been in place for some time now and have always been sent ok

    The last two scheduled posts have failed to go out
    One last Friday and the other yesterday (Tuesday) . Neither of the 2 accounts mentioned earlier have received them

    As I said there was no problem until I upgraded to the latest version of JetPack


  10. Ok, would you be able to check to see if a manually published (not scheduled) post works properly?

  11. Tried a manual immediate post and that has failed as well

  12. Ok, on which blog did you try that with?

  13. roberttostevin

    It was on

  14. Ok, and there is nothing in your spam folder? (just to be sure)

  15. roberttostevin

    No nothing in the spam folder

    Both sites have stopped sending since I upgraded them both to the latest JetPack


  16. Hi Rob,

    Thanks for confirming. I'm assuming this is the post you just published, and you're subscribed with a email address, correct?

  17. roberttostevin

    That was a scheduled post that failed to be sent out to subscribers

    The manual post that I did a "publish now" with has since been deleted but not before I confirmed that no subscriber emails were sent ( I left it for approx 15 mins before deleting it)


  18. Okay. One more thing since you mentioned can you let me know which email address you're subscribed with for that blog?

  19. For it's [email redacted]

    For it's [email redacted]

    Both sites published articles today and neither mailboxes received any notification


  20. Thanks for the details, Rob. We'll look into this, and while I can't give a time frame, I'll be sure to reply here when I have an update.

  21. roberttostevin


    Do you have any news or progress on this yet.

    I have several posts that should be going out across my 2 sites every week



  22. We're still working on this. It will be in the next update for sure.

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