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Problem with the account

  1. First, sorry for my english, I'm argentinian and i don't use english very much!
    I have two accounts in WordPress and I want to keep just one. How can I do this? I know that accounts cannot be delated, but I don't want let my personal information inactive. I don't really agree with this politcy and I believe you probably need to include this in a way with very much visibility in the registrations.

    I really want to deleted this account. Please help me with this!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. danielisreading

    On the account you don't want any more, just delete (or change) any personal information. Get rid of your email, change your name, make the blog connected to it private (if there is a chance you want to use it again, otherwise you can delete it, with the knowledge that the URL cannot be recycled:, and put a really strong password on it.

  3. This steps are for delete an account or a blog? Because i want delete the account with all the blogs. If is for that, i will try!!

    Thank you for the quick answer!

  4. danielisreading

    If you want to permanently delete your blog, and never use the URL again, you should take a look here: The above was referring to removing your account information.

    Deleting your blog can be done on your dashboard, Tools -> Delete Blog

  5. You cannot delete an account at all.

  6. You cannot delete an account at all.

    But... that is legal?? For what I understand, they cannot keep my personal information without my consent, and I am taking it.

    There is no way at all??

  7. There is, I'm afraid, no way at all. I've never known them to misuse that information in the seven years I've been here, though. Some people have talked about mounting a legal challenge to it, but I believe permission to retain the account is listed in the Terms of Service that people sign up for here. But if you delete your blogs, it will be virtually impossible to find your account or anything you said anyway, so it's not such a big deal.

  8. Thank you, Rain!

    I'm not really worry for the use of my information, but I don't like loss all the power of the only thing that is mine forever, like my identity and, by extense, my information. I believe I should have the choise on that and have de possibility of changing my mind when I want it.

    Well, again, sorry for my poor english xD! And thank you for the answer.

  9. Sorry it wasn't the one you wwanted to hear.

  10. Don't worry, i'm not looking for a specific person. We can have differents looks :) .

    I was looking for an answer and you give one. Thank you, again!

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