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Problem with the language

  1. Today changed the language from spanish to english in the spanish forums.

    What happens? In spanish blogs widgets is the same.... :(

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's possible that some part aren't translated yet. Feel free to help us translate. You can follow the steps in this guide on how to translate

  3. Yes, I'm a moderator in spanish forums (and validator in GlotPress, too) but this problem started today... :(

    Yesterday it did not happen.

  4. Can you please try clearing out your cache?

    Otherwise send us a screenshot of the page where you're seeing this. You can upload the screenshot to your blog's media library.


  5. Sorry for my English, I'm using the Google translator.

    The problem is that WordPress has changed the text in widgets. What once appeared in Spanish, now appears in English.

    Example: Screenshot

    And so in the Dashboard. Many words that appeared in Spanish, now appears in English.

    What's going on, please?


  6. Screenshot from the spanish Forums:

    Screenshot from my dashboard:

    Again, this problem started today, not a problem on cache or similar.

  7. I´ve got the same problem.
    Actually the interface language is...spanglish

  8. Any ideas on this issue? :(

  9. Not yet, we're still looking into this.

  10. The issue should be resolved now - could you take a look again?

    Your translations are not lost, there was just a slight problem during deployment of new translations. Sorry about that, and thanks for reporting the glitch!

  11. Yes, the issue is solved.

    Thank you!

  12. Thank you a lot!
    I thought the problem was my ignorance about technology...

  13. @naokomc thank you, very, very much.

    Best regards. :)

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