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Problem with the lateral bar

  1. Hi! Im the webmaster of and

    I have a problem with my lateral bar. Yesterday, it appeared on the right, at the top.

    Right now, as you can see, it appears at the right, but at the bottom! What can be the problem with that?

    Thank you

  2. you should get that fixed

  3. No, it is not fixed...

  4. xeneize, edit this post:
    switch to "code"
    lokk for following sentence:
    entre ellos nombres ilustres del automovilismo nacional.</p>
    close the open table by changing it to:
    entre ellos nombres ilustres del automovilismo nacional.</p></td></tr></table>
    don't forget to save.

    In future, take care to close all tags in your posts.

  5. Cheers! Thank you a lot

  6. But in the english version ( fails too! And there are no tables!

    Would you be so kind to have a look to the problem?

    Thank you

  7. I had a look, but I'm in a hrry and can't see anything in particular. You could set your blog to display one post at time in the main page and at least find out which post is causing the problem. If you write it here, I'll have a look at the code as soon as I have time.

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