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Problem with the look of the blog!

  1. Hello,

    please have a look at

    I am having a problem. When you view it with Internet Explorer.. the content (i.e. posts) are shown at the bottom .. you will just see an empty screen you have to scroll down to see the posts. Whereas when I open this using FIREFOX browser .. i see the posts on the top...

    please help me and tell me what to do? can u please mail me at taalzz @ the solution to it?

  2. While you have a blog here at, that blog is hosted somewhere else and not with You need to ask over in but I would imagine it is an image or a piece of code that is wider than your content area. Check each post over in IE individually to find the problem post. Any other questions, head over to


  3. Ah, one other thing, answers are usually left in the forum posts as not many (none that I know of) would take time to email you the answer they already posted in your forum post.


  4. thanks trent .. i checked .. the posts .. but there is nothing like that .. if u try to open the same blog with FireFox browser .. it will show u correctly .. but in IE .. its not showing correctly :(

    let me try the support. Thanks!

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