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Problem with the Stats section of the dashboard

  1. coordinatedkate

    There's something going on with the Stats section of the dashboard. When I hit "View All" it doesn't take me anywhere and when I click on a specific day's view count bar it just takes me to another page that just shows the picture of all the bars and nothing else.
    Blog url:

  2. You stats have moved or are being moved to the home page of and can be viewed by clicking this link!/my-stats/

  3. P.S. As you are reporting an anomaly I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  4. We're aware of the issue and looking into it. Sorry for the trouble!

  5. Any idea when this may be resolved? :S

  6. This should be all fixed up now.

    If you're still having trouble, please tell us exactly what you're having trouble with, and please tell us your browser and what version it is.

  7. coordinatedkate

    Still having the same issues. I tried it on Google Chrome, version 20.0.1132.47 and also on IE, version 9.0.8

  8. Would you please clarify exactly what you're having trouble with?

  9. coordinatedkate

    Under the 'Stats' section on the dashboard, there is a button 'View All', when I click that button it doesn't take me anywhere. When I click on any of the day's view count bars to see where my views are coming from it loads a new page that just shows me the picture of all the view bars that are visible on the dashboard and that's it.

  10. americanhobbyistblog

    Same problem here... I'm unable to view my daily status. It just shows that graphical bar chart.

    My Blog (primary):

  11. Sorry about that!

    We're back to fixing it now.

  12. Until yesterday you had a "great statistics page", on which I could see, among other things, which search words my visitors had used to reach my blog during the current day.

    That "great statistics page" could be reached by clicking on one of the bars in the graph on the dashboard page. Since yesterday I get instead a blank page with the same bar chart in the upper left corner.

    If that "great statistics page" still exists, how do I reach it now? If not, can I find out that information somewhere else?

  13. That is the problem we are trying to fix.

    For now, you can visit it directly at!/my-stats/

  14. This should really be fixed up now, though you may need to clear your browser's cache:

    Sorry for the trouble!

  15. coordinatedkate

    YAY! You're the best! Thanks for the fix.

  16. You're welcome!

  17. Hi,

    problem still exists on Win7 (32 Bit) and IE 9.0.8.


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