Problem with the text editor in Opera, possibly due to TinyMCE

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    Are you using the Opera browser? If not, what browser, version and operating system are you using?

    Opera does not seem to be fully supported with TinyMCE and my suggestion would be to download and use Firefox for your blogging here at It is by far the most stable and trouble free of all the browsers.


    TinyMCE is the rich text editor that wordpress is using, and I would be surprised if they changed to something else at this point.


    The problem, as I have experienced it, does indeed seem to be completely random *although* it does seem to present itself with greater insistency when I have italicised something– somewhere along the line afterwards, whatever I’m writing will keep going, and going, and going… usually after truncating itself (as paves above called it, “invisible enters:” going for half a line, then suddenly dropping down to the next– whereupon continued typing will take you to the rightmost far corner of the universe).

    My silly-solution has been this:

    1) Just finish writing the whole dern thing, if you can stand to look at it that way in the editing window.*
    2) When finished (or anywhere in the process, really) hit “save and continue editing;” when you see “preview post,” go to that, copy the paragraph with the non-wrapping and/or truncated lines.
    3) Return to the editing window, paste the text from the preview post over the goofy text in the edit window: it will word-wrap properly. Re-apply any desired italics, bold, underline, etc.
    4) Publish or save.

    In other words, copying messed up lines from a preview or published post will eliminate upon pasting whatever mysterious forces are causing those lines to be messed up.

    * Confession: when I find this too irritating (“I can’t see what I was saying, wait, where am I going with this??”), I give up and write whatever I intended in Word, copy from there, paste into the WP editor and have no problem whatsoever. (I admit my rebellion regarding all the horrible things that should be happening with funky code going from Word to WordPress, but, as an Opera user, I have never experienced anything out of sorts with this practice– copying from Word to WP has even carried over every em-dash, umlaut and Norwegian “o” beautifully– if I am pasting from a Word doc, all I ever have to do in WP is apply formatting and it’s ready to publish.)


    First off, if you have not had problems with Word up until now, you will. It creates very sloppy code that will at some point come back to bite you:

    Why put up with all of this when you can simply download Firefox and have none of these problems? It’s a free download, costs you only around 50 MB of disk storage.




    There is indeed a problem with TinyMCE in Opera that causes line breaks to, well, break. The issue is that spaces get turned into non-breaking spaces.

    The TinyMCE folks say it’s a bug in Opera. The Opera folks say it’s a bug in TinyMCE. Neither of them know how to fix it, and they’re the experts.


    The both must have taken Finger-pointing 101 with at least a satisfactory grade then.


    thesacredpath: I have read the faq “why not to use word” and the sloppy code in the first example simply does not appear for me when switching to html view. I have supposed it is perhaps just an Opera thing, perhaps I am wrong about that. In html view, things always look as in the second example. Personally I have not worried too much about it since I can read/fix a bad code no prob, but I understand people who cannot are best disadvised from taking that chance.

    As to your other question, the moment-to-moment, day-to-day advantages I get out of Opera for all purposes far outweigh the occasional wordwrap issue I experience here, and which to me is easily enough remedied with a quick copy & paste (as described above). As I’ve been using Opera for years, I’m spoiled by its speed. And aesthetically, I’m always surprised how sites look when I see them on FF or IE– my own included, which is far more elegant looking/behaving in Opera than the other browsers. I’m a fan, so I can’t be convinced to switch teams after seeing how they play. ;o) thanks though~



    Whatever browser you use is your choice and that’s cool with us. (1) Now you know Opera will be problematic from time to time and, (2) you know what to do to “fix” your Opera issues yourself is to switch to another browser like firefox when they occur.
    Best wishes :)


    timethief: not sure if solution (2) was meant to be funny, but I have actually tested solution (2) in the past and the copy/paste trick in Opera can be done before a newly opened browser can get signed in to the dashboard– leaving six more steps to go in the process besides. It’s terribly inefficient, compared.

    On dialup and wifi, IE and FF both can be downright painful. For whatever reasons the users above choose Opera, I hope I have offered a speedy solution to the wordwrap issue.



    Some reports suggest the TinyMCE issues are fixed in alpha versions of Opera 9.50. I haven’t tested that.



    I don’t know if it has been fixed or not. I had same issue and here is what I did.

    Went to the code view instead or normal view, saw that it was missing few ‘<p>’ tags, fixed that and pushed the extended text back to its place.

    Worked, good luck!

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