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Problem with theme, excerpt

  1. Hi everyone,
    i'm using the Twenty ten theme on my blog and i want to make appear excerpts of the posts when i open the blog and not the entire post. i search and i found the php function the_excerpt();
    my questions are:
    my theme allows me to use excerpts without this php function?
    to use these function i need to be more than a free user?
    there is any free template by wordpress that allows me to use this option?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. If you are referring to (which uses Twenty Ten), you cannot edit the PHP file.

    For your information, Twenty Ten supports excerpts in categories and archives but not on the front page:

  3. but there is some free theme that suport excerpts in front page?

  4. How about reading the post airodyssey linked to? It answers your question.

    Alternative (works in all themes):

  5. i change my theme to "Fusion" that by your links support excerpt but now how i activate this function?

  6. Look here please > Appearnce > Themes > Theme Options
    enable here > Display Full Post or Excerpt Archives show: Excerpts
    Click "save options"

  7. done :P
    thanks :)

  8. You're welcome. :)

    P.S. I use The Inuit Types theme and like the Fusion theme it can be set to display only excerpts on the front page.

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