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    I recently changed to the Under the Influence theme and would like to have 3 columns on the page (right sidebar and two columns for posts). However, when I open my blog it normally moves all the posts that would be in the centre column to the left. Does anyone know how to fix this or what might be the problem?

    The blog address is

    The blog I need help with is


    just posting again in the hope someone can answer…



    Looking at your blog, it works as it should be? Once you post a new blog the one before will get shifted to centre column, then when you post again that post will get shifted to the left column but below the blog you’ve just posted. You currently have two columns of posts and one column of widgets. Is this not correct?


    That’s strange. For me it is still appearing with all my posts on the left-hand column, nothing in the middle and then the widgets on the right. When the page loads it appears as it should do for a second or so then goes wrong.

    Maybe it’s just when I view it logged in?



    Or it could be your browser? Have you tried viewing it in a different one?


    I just tried in Internet Explorer instead of Chrome and it appeared how it should be. Hopefully it just appears wrong for me, not for everyone else!



    So if it appears in IE correctly, then it is Chrome that’s the problem. Make sure it’s updated and that you’ve cleared the browser cache.


    I think it was to do with the page being zoomed in too much/not enough, so i put a note on the side of my blog. thanks for the help.



    No problem :)

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