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Problem with wordpress

  1. WordPress makes me mad. I want to be able to post on other people's blog independently of my blog. Everytime I want to post on someone's blog, my data ( blog name, email, and password) from my blog shows up. For one thing it really screws me up with passwords. Why does it do this? How do I prevent that? I want to keep everything separate.
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  2. I don't understand what this box is for. It seems like you have to be a computer scientist to understand this. When you are making websites and everything that goes with them, you have to realize that the average person is not a techie. You have to make pages simple and easy to understand (user friendly) for non techies and old people. I do not find your sites, pages and system the least bit user friendly. They look like a dog's breakfast to me.

  3. We Volunteers don't provide emotiona;l support. We rpovides answers to clearly stated questions. If you are having trouble submitting comments then these threads I link to below explain what's changed when it comes to commenting and why it was changed:
    Recent update to commenting:

  4. edit: We Volunteers don't provide emotional;l support. We provide answers to clearly stated questions.

    (sorry I'm old and visually challenged)

  5. I can't open the reader tab to explore topics.

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