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    I have several problems all relating to WordPress admin:

    1) The top drop-down admin menu (My Account, My Blog, My Subscriptions, etc) on my blog is missing.

    2) If I then use the tabs (My Blogs, Freshly Pressed, Tags, Posts I Like, QuickPress & Subscriptions) from (once I’ve logged on), the new Subscriptions tab doesn’t work at all. It doesn’t show any of my current subscriptions.

    3) If I use the above tabs to navigate to my personal Dashboard, I cannot access the “Screen Options” or the “Help” (upper right-hand of screen”) and “QuickPress” doesn’t load.

    4) When trying to create or edit a post, I use the visual editor – I see the HTML version on both the Visual and HTML tabs.

    My blog is at

    I have tried all the things mentioned in the help sections (using different browsers, clearing caches etc) but nothing helps. I also have another WordPress blog which is working fine, so I don’t think it’s my set-up that’s the problem.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is




    It sounds like you are unable to load some of the parts of that make everything work properly.

    Let’s start with a few simple things to see if we can clear things up. First, please empty your browser cache, then log out of and quit your web browser. After doing so, fire your web browser back up again and log back in to See if that solves the issue.

    Then, please check to see if you can connect to the following links:

    Please check these things, then see if you are able to use the Dashboard as expected. Please also report back here with what you are able/unable to do.




    Thank you for responding to my query!

    I have followed the instructions you’ve given.

    I can load all three links above ( etc), but I still have ALL the original problems I listed in my first post.

    I tried the same sequence on another computer with a different operating system and different browser, and get exactly the same thing.

    What’s next?




    Hi Lisa!

    This should be fixed. There was a bug in some of our code that was causing the strange behavior you were seeing.


    >>> This response was also emailed with attachment


    Thanks! Most of the problems are sorted out now. Although I can now read the posts of blogs I’m subscribed to, I am still not able to manage my blog subscriptions ( See attachment.

    I appreciate the help. Seem to have a talent for finding bugs . . .




    Just checked my subscriptions management again, and see that it is working now.

    Thank you for all the help!


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