Problem with WP interface with swedish language

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    A problem has appeared with the new graphical interface that came with 2.7.

    In swedish the word for ‘Widgets’ is ‘Gränssnittskomponenter’. This word is much longer than the width of the left hand panel with all the options. This in turn makes all the content of the user interface jump down to be displayed below the left hand panel.

    The only reslolution so far is to change the user interface language to english. Even though this works it’s still a great setback since WP fully sopports the Sedish language in all other aspects. I am sure this is an issue that can be corrected; either in the programming of the user interface to support long words or by changing the word to something shorter.

    But I don’t know how to do neither.

    Jonas Lundström, Sweden



    Could you send this to Support please, maybe with a suggestion for the word? Nikolay can then take it further so hopefully the first shiot we take at fixing it is the correct one. But it will be fixed.

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