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problem with WP video player

  1. I'd be grateful if someone could help me fix the problem I am having with the video player. My videos all play very, very slowly, and hence are unwatchable. I am on a fast broadband connection, so that is not the problem. The videos play fine on my computer with a range of softwares.

    You can see - and hopefully advise me - on my blog:

    Thanks for your attention

  2. Playing fine for me.

  3. Thank you. Could you tell me which browser you are using? I have just discovered the videos don't show up at all on Internet explorer, either on my laptop, or the computers at Uni!

  4. thelifeofmarkwhitecotton

    I'm on IE7 and I can see them just fine.

  5. I'm using Firefox

  6. BTW - if you are using IE6, you probably want to upgrade to IE7. There are problems with IE6 and WordPress

  7. Thanks for all your responses. I now see that I have to allow more time for it to download, and then it works on Firefox. I have IE7, still no luck, and also couldn't get it on the uni computers either, most weird. But I see now that it is not a WordPress problem, thanks for your help.

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