Problem with wrong stats (statistique)

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    How is it possible that more people push the like button at my post, then there have been people who actually read it? Checking out the stats for my blog I saw that only two people read my blog yesterday, but 3 people pushed the like button.


    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve experienced the same thing. While I was working on my blog last night, I got two notifications that a blogger had “liked” one of my posts (two different posts, BTW), but the site stats never changed to reflect the two views. I hope someone out there has an answer!




    Hi to you two. I suggest you contact staff on or after January 2 regarding your stats. Only they can see your stats and help you if you believe they are wrong or if you need clarification.



    Thanks, airodyssey. I’ll do that. Viki



    Just to note that I think I might have had a similar problem yesterday. Someone suggested it might be caching, which I let convince me, but I had communication via Facebook, etc, of multiple people reading a post, and WP stats weren’t showing as many hits as I knew there had been. And my hit count on that post was pretty low by comparison to comparable posts. And I had a relatively high number of overall hits on other posts that day, but zero referrals from Facebook, which never happens one a day I post a new post.

    I suspected, and still do, that Facebook referred hits weren’t being counted for at least part of the day yesterday.



    Yeah, something is definitely off. I had yet another WP blogger “like” one of my posts today, but there was no indication on my stats page that the post she liked had even been viewed. I’ll definitely be contacting WP after the 2nd.

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