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Problem with YouTube video

  1. tensentencesdotcom

    Is anyone having problems with YouTube videos?

    I have a problem from a couple of days (before the current ‘buginess’).

    A YouTube video suddenly stopped displaying on one particular post.

    I tried:

    1) Checking the link (the video is still there)

    2) Tried Firefox and Explorer (doesn’t work on either)

    3) Clearing cookies, re-starting etc (doesn’t help)

    4) Replacing the link with a shortcode (doesn’t help)

    The post with the problem is

    The blog I need help with is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Maybe it's the defective latest flash? My YT vids aren't all playing. But some are. Certainly I can't make heads or tails out of the guide here. Copy & paste the url of the page with the vid? That did nothing for me at all. At least the way I am now doing it, via YouTube's 'share' button, which presents with an embed code that you can use, people will see my video. And that's always worked for me in the past.

  3. Works fine for me. I think you have a browser problem. Try the cookie dance:

  4. Hmm. I had downloaded this ( ) about a week ago and just started using it, before my vid problem. Right before. It seems to get at everything - following your principle - 'but' cookies. I run Ccleaner regularly also. I might not know what it's fixing, but that's the point. If it's willing to clean for you, Who knows what it will fix?

    I'll confess; I dread killing all my cookies. I'm wondering what grief I'll cause myself. I know that it's a safe thing to do. But that doesn't make it grief-free.

    In any case, Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to screw my courage up though. ;-)

  5. Damn! Ccleaner fixed it! It helped that it cleans my cookies. I'm so used to using it, I never noticed the cookies which I was all worried about. Although these days, I've been more willing to endure inconvenience (or what I think will be inconvenience) for the sake of privacy, owing to the fact that government and their partners in the private sector feel that all we do and say is 'their' business. I'm using Ixquick. I've selected the most private settings. I've started using 'browse in private' mode. And so on. It's not droning me.

  6. Don't use apps to do what you can do yourself. Those companies can see what you're doing.

  7. You're probably right. And it sounds like advice I'd give to others. But Ccleaner does quite a bit and it does it fast. And who has time these days?

  8. How long does it take to clear your cache? If you're doing it for security reasons and you're trusting a third party app, you're shooting yourself in the foot.

  9. I don't know, exactly, how long it takes to clear my cache. It's one of many things Ccleaner does all at once. I could deselect the other items in the list before scanning and I'm sure it would increase the speed. But I wouldn't do that.

    I 'might' be shooting myself in the foot. We don't know whether Ccleaner's owner(s) have bad intentions.

    Wouldn't life be a lost less easy, online, without some of those nasty apps? I take your point, but I also try to not be extreme about things.

  10. It takes very little time for Ccleaner to do it's job. I don't have many 'advanced' settings (boxes checked) turned on. But that still leaves a fair number of processes Ccleaner is cleared to go through. It's less than a minute I would say. Altogether, Scanning and removing (cache, unused shortcuts, etc) and scanning and fixing registry problems, might take 2 or 3 minutes.

  11. @arrby

    I'll confess; I dread killing all my cookies. I'm wondering what grief I'll cause myself. I know that it's a safe thing to do. But that doesn't make it grief-free.

    I don't understand why you think that way. I clear my browser cache and cookies every time I leave the internet. My Firefox browser is set up to do just that . It does so many times every day and I has been doing it for years.

  12. It's partly because I'm not focussed on it. As I noted, I do clean out my cache regularly. I just didn't pay much attention to it. I realize now that I dreaded doing something I was doing regularly. I have some understanding of how useful cookies are and just didn't want to make my life any more difficult than it already is. But now that I'm looking at the cookie thing, there is no issue. I just moved, by way of explanation. The sixth time in 2 years. Talk about chaos!

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