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Problem working on Widget page

  1. I just switched over to the Vigilance theme and I moved the wigets I wanted to save to the inactive section prior to the switch. Now that I'm working on reactiviting those widgets plus creating a few new ones, I'm finding that I can barely navigate from one column to another because of how long it takes me to open, drag, and save widgets. Another odd thing--I have over 100 text widgets in my inactive section even though I only saved about six from my previous template. Help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Oh my! This has previously happened to me too so I know exactly what you mean. The cause could not be found and I required Staff assistance to sort it all from the backend.

  3. Thank you TT. I've sent them a message to assist. Are they open 24-7 these days?

  4. Do you know, is there another option for moving widgets besides dragging?

  5. Yes, but do remember we are all in different timezones and there are millions of bloggers, so who knows how many need Staff help on any given day in any given timezone.

    I was using Firefox browser and tried switching to IE but that didn't help. Trying to drag the widgets was like trying to roll a stone uphill in both browsers. The widgets in my Inactive widgets box were removed by Staff (I had over 100 too). What was important to Staff was the exact date, and the exact number and description of the widgets I placed in the Inactive widgets box. They could use that date to restore only the few widgets I have stored prior to a theme change, and then they could bulk delete the rest.

  6. Yes. Appearance —> Widgets —> Screen Options (upper right on your screen) —> Enable accessibility mode

    Select which sidebar you want and then you can click on "add"

  7. Thanks 1tess! I can now at least click on widgets that I need and get them to the sidebar columns. ...And thanks tt, I will wait for support to clean up my 100plus text widgets.

  8. I'm glad Tess answered your question about other ways to move widgets besides dragging them. You're welcome. :)

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