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Problem writing new posts - Mac/Safari user

  1. WordPress worked great so far, never had any trouble. Until recently... I tried to write a new post but soon after clicking "write" the browser crashes. This morning I tried Firefox and this works. Using Firefox I noticed that the posting window looks different now. Any ideas anybody? Can this be fixed?

  2. We are working on the fix for this - sorry for the problem.

  3. Safari does have issues with the javascript that is used here at and many other places on the net. Unfortunely this is an issue with Safari. Normally we suggest switching over to firefox or another browser and this is the one case where we do so. (I try to keep the forums here free of the "My browser is better" wars as that answer doesn't solve anything)

    Not sure what you're seeing. When you say it looks different, it may help if you described what you're now seeing compared to before hand. There's a couple of cases where this occurs and we have work arounds and solutions for most cases but without knowing which situation you're facing, it's kind of hard to tell you what to do.

    (The regular text editor [the one without the icons] looks fine to me in IE6)

  4. Safari only has the code editor, not the rich text editor. It also makes its own Apple-looking buttons for the code editor.

    Firefox allows you to use the rich text editor, which may be why it looks different to you now. Plus, the code editor buttons aren't all Apple-y.

    In case anyone's interested, here's what the write post page looks like in Safari:

  5. Just for reference, it appears that the TinyMCE folks appear to be working on AJAX support:

    Not sure what Safari users have to do to use that new Toolkit thingie.

  6. Right, it used to look as shown in judyb12's pic and now it looks like this:
    No problem to use a different browser for writing new posts, however ...
    If it is a Safari problem why did it work without any problems for one and a half years? I haven't made any changes in my system.
    Unfortunately I don't understand much about computers, software, programming, I am just a user who is wondering. And I like using Safari.

  7. i am having the same problem as described by judyb12. i hardly use safari on my ibook but after all the hype about safari for windows in the past few days, i decided to download the latest version.

    another thing i noticed is that where i press the 'enter' key to move to another paragraph, it does not appear as another paragraph in the final published post. all the lines are jammed together with no breaks in between. looks like its back to firefox for me!

  8. If you weren't using Safari before, don't use it now. The new version is a very buggy beta that wordpress is not supporting at all.

  9. Well wp isn't supporting it yet....

  10. If you weren't using Safari before, don't use it now. The new version is a very buggy beta that wordpress is not supporting at all.

    And isn't that what judy just said?

    The FAQs recommends using Firefox or Camino.

  11. No, Judy said wp isn't supporting Safari "at all." WP supports safari. It's just not supporting the Safari beta until it comes out of beta.

  12. @hellfried
    The bottom line is: the FAQs recommends downloading and using Firefox or Camino as a solution to your problems.

  13. You already said that.

  14. I upgraded to the new version of Safari 3 (Beta) yesterday. Oh, was I happy that it had come out. Then, it immediately started crashing, even before fully opening up. Luckily, I was able to report it to Apple, get rid of it and revert to the last working version. I'll stay with the old version til things get much more stable.

    @ timethief:

    Yes, Camino and Firefox are very good. I use Seamonkey, also a Mozilla project, because it is a browser with mail. I've been very, very happy with Seamonkey since day one, and especially because it works like a charm with WordPress.

  15. hmmm sounds like this is my problem too. I am borrowing a friend's computer which has safari and I've lost the visual editing function. Also anyway to do spell check and also add photos like I used to with my pc. I don't really want to mess around with switching her computer to firefox....geeze am i going to be restricted to just typing on my blog??? Kinda boring!

  16. I answered you in your other thread. Please don't cross post on the same problem. All you di is make more work for teh volenteers here in the forums.

  17. oops sorry, not sure how these blog things work, I just found this thread and thought some of these people could help me. I'll go back and respond in my own thread now. thanks for your help.

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