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    I don’t really know where to begin. Everyone expects glitches on computers, on the net. I’ve been using a pc forever and have been online forever. I’m not tech savvy, but I know about glitches.

    Whatever I’m experiencing on today seems to be more than glitches, but someone here can tell me if things can in fact get so… glitchy. Otherwise, I feel like I, or WP, has been hacked.

    At first, my usual WP didn’t look the same. I had no tags. I had a -1 in the box in which I usually find all of my most used tags. So I simply exited and re-entered the site. I can’t trouble shoot. I’m not a WP techie and wouldn’t know how to anyway.

    I re-entered the site. I first checked to see that my tags were there. There were other smallish things that looked odd, but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what. Then I proceeded to work on my most recent post which I pressed last night. I just left my laptop open afterward and went to bed. On this second try, I did the editing in the body of the post that I wanted to do and then when I went to add an image, I was given the message that I don’t have authority to do so. Then when I attempted to do something else I was given the message that I don’t have authority to edit this post.

    Is WordPress having issues or is it just my bad luck?

    My blog is titled “A Yappy Trade Barrier.” My laptop is a new Toshiba Satellite and nothing fancy. I’m on Rogers here in Toronto.

    The blog I need help with is



    It could have something to do with having the window open that long. They might have added a security feature that logs you out or checks if you’ve been in for a very long time, as a measure to prevent laptop thieves from accessing your blog, etc.

    If I were you and were able, I’d copy all the contents of that post, save as draft if I could, and contact staff after a full restart.



    Actually, Raincoaster, that’s a seriously reasonable assumption. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it. And here I’m trying to argue that I’ve been around the block. Duh! I’ll bet that you’re spot on about this. And, Seeing how I managed to get my blog post up okay shortly after I posted here, I think I’ll leave things there.

    As always, Thanks enormously for the fast response. It’s good to know that when I someday do have a real problem, you good people will be there for me.




    You just never know what it is with the internet. I just started a new job as a correspondent covering digital issues for a website. Got my first story assignment. Suddenly, that computer will no longer connect to the internet. Gremlins; the internet is full of gremlins.

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