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Problems accessing second blog

  1. Ok - I looked around and I don't think I see anything that's applicable to my question. I was logged in to my first blog ( and then, forgetting that I was logged in, I created a second blog. Then, to my happy surprise, I learned that this second blog would be grouped with the first one - and when I visit the wordpress home page, I see both listed in my sidebar.

    I believe I was told to use my first username and password to access it as well ( Well, when I go to and login with my credentials, it looks like it works, but then I'm redirected through a bunch of pages to my admin area, and it doesn't look like I can post to any blog other than from there.

    Does this make sense? Am I logging in with the incorrect username/password? Incorrect location? I didn't receive a password/activation email with this second blog creation, so I figure it's probably simply something I'm neglecting to do.


  2. It drops you into your main blog as a default. You can switch between them via the drop down selection under the "Your Dashboards" on the blue bar along the top of your blog.

  3. aha, thank you. That did it.

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