Problems adding CSS speech bubble layout in posts

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    I’m attempting to use something along the lines of these speech bubbles in WordPress posts. I have the html and CSS working great separately, but when I add the CSS to styles.css and copy-paste the html into a post, it doesn’t look anything like what it’s supposed to. My CSS margins are ignored or changed, the global CSS blockquote and img properties are affecting it, the floats don’t work, etc, etc.

    What can I do to clear this cascading problem so the global CSS doesn’t break my own CSS?




    your blog does not appear to be hosted on please try your question in

    there’s not really a magic bullet when it comes to cascading problems. you pretty much have to diagnose the inherited properties individually, and add specificity as needed.



    That’s correct, my WordPress install is hosted on DreamHost.

    Sunburntkamel, can you give you an idea of what you mean by “add specificity as needed” with regards to the CSS properties?

    In the example CSS below, I thought that defining the img tag for div.avatar would override the global WordPress properties for img, but it doesn’t:

    div.avatar img {
    border: solid #ccc 1px;

    It apparently only modifies are adds to the global img properties. Why the hell is that? And isn’t there some sort of way to tell a portion of CSS to NOT cascade / inherit from other properties?

    Thanks a lot! Really appreciate your help.


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