Problems and discrepancies I'm finding with verifying (meta tag) on Google

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    I do plan to contact Google about these things as well a little later tonight, but I’ve been working pretty much round the clock on it except for a few breaks to answer e-mail, and I was hoping that maybe you could add some insight as to the problems I’m having from your perspective. First I should point out that I’ve tried to follow the instructions you provide to the letter (the ones in, and the problems are numerous. (1) Firstly, the Google site remembered my attempts to put the code through, and now they open with my website address already there, saying “this hasn’t been verified yet, verify now,” so that it no longer makes any sense to hit (after that) the “Add a site” button. I’ve tried every button they have, even the “add a site,” but none of them lead to successful results. (2) Here’s the biggie, I suspect: your site rules say to click on the “alternate methods” tab, but under that tab Google only has “1. HTML file upload 2.Google Analytics 3. Domain name provider. None of those are what you told me to select. The thing you did tell me to select in your instructions, the “meta tag” option, under their system is listed in “recommended method”. The weird thing was (though I know you may find this hard to believe, since this happened in the middle of the night when I was working on the site), once or twice the two terms “alternate” and “recommended” switched around so that they were the way they were supposed to be, as if they were working on the site while i was, so something. But it happened so fast that I didn’t have time to make it work for me before it changed back to the (wrong) way it had been. I swear I’m pretty sure I wasn’t imagining things. Maybe it was some glitch. (3) Google wants the meta tag to be copied in its entirety and put in the head of the home page of the website. When I tried to get an answer from them earlier, they responded that I must have been doing it wrong. But if there isn’t a consistent standard of how to do it, how can anyone do it right? (4)I tried about 100 (it seems) different combinations of copying with the <> and without, with the /> and the ” ” and every way it looked as if you mean only the content value portion of the meta tag to be copied, but even when I copied it out by typing it into the box on the Tools page symbol by symbol by hand (per timethief’s 2010 suggestion on this issue–cf. Feb. 15, 2010l, 4:21 p.m.) and got it all right according to the portion of the code it looked like you wanted, Google still refused to verify it. Nor would it work when just to see if it would I DID try their whole blasted meta tag. (5) I did it so many times that I’m wondering if I possibly got caught in something Google called an infinite loop, like the one they described as being a risk of their uploaded stuff too many times (I didn’t try that one all the way, but cleared the upload from my computer files without trying to download it to, once I was sure that wasn’t what was wanted. I’m so, so sorry to go on for so long, but I thought that maybe if I addressed as many of the issues I encountered as I could, someone could tell me whether I really need to do this in order to get more traffic to my site, or whether I should just rely on my ability to do my blogsite right now. Thanks so much to anyone who can help, and I will get back to Google with this same information as soon as I take a much-needed break from the computer (though they respond a little more slowly). Has anyone ever gotten this to work, and can they tell me what I’m doing wrong or come up with a suggestion? I hope so. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    There’s no point working through the night to get something working for Google. Google itself takes days or weeks to recognize changes you make anyway. So take a breather. say that you get the code Google gives you and you put it in the appropriate box on your Tools page.

    Log in to with your Google account.
    Enter your blog URL and click Add a Site.
    You will be presented with several verification methods. Choose the Alternate Methods tab.
    Select the option: Add a meta tag to your site’s home page
    Copy the content value of the meta tag. The content value is the bold text in this example:
    <meta name=’google-site-verification’ content=’dBw5CvburAxi537Rp9qi5uG2174Vb6JwH>
    Leave the verification page open and go to your blog dashboard.
    Open the Tools –> Available Tools Page and paste the content value in the Google Webmaster Tools field under the Webmaster Tools Verification header.
    Click on Save Changes.
    Go back to the verification page and click Verify.

    Have you done this? I got lost when you talk about words switching around and so on. The words don’t matter. Put the code in the box and hit Update.




    Sometimes people have to hear the same thing in different words.




    Good lord.


    Well, about a couple of hours after I reported this, the links from Google went back to what I’d been used to seeing, i.e., there was still a site called, but as I understand it from another one of the forum pages I found which someone had answered, if they got to the domain name first, then I just have to be content with being and let them have the name. At least they no longer mention the actual website of mine in their attempt to publish someone else’s content online (or they didn’t the last time I checked, when it looked as if it had all straightened out to the good number of links Google had actually given me anyway before I started all this verification stuff). Someone on one of the forums from 2009 actually said that does a lot of this stuff for you automatically with Google, so that it might just be a good idea to let it go without doing SEO. What do you think?


    P.S. Timethief, I may have forgotten to check the “notifyme of followup posts via e-mail” box, but i don’t think i did. I think I was subscribed to receive any answer that came through about the second thread you mention just above (i.e, about attempted theft of content), but I didn’t receive anything. I didn’t get anything in my junk filter, either (which is supposed to catch some spam). but i think the situation may have resolved itself anyway, or it had earlier this afternoon (it’s 7:16 my time).

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