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Problems blogging with Flock

  1. Hi

    Mac osx 10.4
    Flock 0.7.8

    Ive been blogging through Flock for a little while. Recebtly Flock updated to 0.7.8 and since then It has probelms talking to wordpress. It cant pull down the catorgories and when you publish it comes back with a message saying the blog could not be found (or words to that effect) but at the same it publishes the post 3 times - any ideas anyone? thanks in advance.

  2. I cross referenced this thread with the pink sticky one above "Upgrade the Browser" so I could draw Mark's attention to it

  3. Actually there's a couple threads about a current issue with xmlrpc blogging. I would send in a feedback with as many details as possible.

    *chuckle* Or you could always get a PC. :)

  4. lol Thanks Mike..i have 3 of them here and a server but prefer the MAC for every day stuff and music!

    Thanks timethief

    Ta CG

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