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    For several days now every time I go to like a post on another blog I have to fill in a form with name and email, and then the like is not accepted.

    When I try to comment I have to fill in a form and get a notice saying that my WP account is being used by someone who is already logged in.

    I’ve been logged into my account for the whole time and have no trouble accessing my own account.

    Has someone else hack into my account?

    Hepl! Please! and Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    Okay let’s work through this then.
    How many username accounts do your have?
    Which one are you logged into when this happens?
    If you have more than one username account do you logout and clear you browser cache and cookies before logging in under another username account?

    Clicking this link should display all your blogs registered under the same username, including the hidden ones:
    If you do not see the blog here then
    follow this guide >

    Are you sure that your are referring only to WordPress>COM blogs when this happens and not to WordPress>ORG blogs? The two are separate and have separate logins.



    I have only one account.
    I’ve rarely logged out (perhaps I should do that more often?)

    After checking a bit more I’m finding I can now “like” and comment on free WP blogs.

    One of the blogs I’m having trouble with definitely used to be a WP free blog and then he upgraded to his own domain. (
    Another I’m fairly sure used to be a free WP blog that has also been upgraded. (
    A third that’s giving me trouble is a dot net. (this blog is new to me, but I have sometimes managed to post comments after filling in the form that pops up, but sometimes it won’t accept my email and password saying someone else is using that account)
    Found another blog ( that suddenly I can’t like or comment (last 2 or 3 days) when I’ve had no trouble in the past. Don’t know if it’s a WP blog or not.

    The first two I’ve mentioned I’ve been liking and commenting on frequently for a while and have had no problems until the past couple of days.

    Hope all this info helps. My conclusion is the problem lies with non-WP blogs, and upgraded (to own domain) WP blogs

    Thank you so much for your help.


    Member is a WordPress.ORG install



    Yikes! I was wrong. It was just slow to load the Admin bar. I’m sorry.



    All three URLs are to free hosted blogs on their own domains.

    I have tagged this thread for Staff support. Please subscribe to it so yopur are notified when they respond.



    Thanks for your help



    I’m sorry I couldn’t resolve this and it is weird that they are all free hosted blogs on their own domains. It makes me nervous about my blogs which are also on their own domains but free hosted here.



    Yes it makes me a bit nervous too.
    I’ve thinking about trying logging out of my blog and then logging back in again, but I’m scared it won’t let me back in again.
    Hope someone can resolve it soon.



    I log in and log out many time daily each and every day.
    I have my Firefox 17 browser set to clear my cache and cookies every time I leave internet, which is many times each and every day.



    Well I’m on a learning curve with that, and not v computer savvy. It’s a miracle I know what a browser cache is. I kind of know what cookies are.
    I’m on a mac so using safari.
    Bet I can find out how to clear the browser cache with a little research. And the cookies. I’ll get my husband onto it :)

    (I’ve never cleared my browser cache or cookies :()




    Thanks :)



    Some more information
    When trying to leave a comment on a form comes up for me to fill in email and name. After doing that it goes to a page with my name and password already in a box and a button to log in. It also says – “You are being asked to login because (email redacted) is used by an account you are not logged into now”.
    I am in fact logged into my account, with the same email address and password, so why would it say someone else is logged into it?
    When I click on the login button it takes me back to the page on where I tried to comment. No comment is there.

    Same with aapatawaran and s3city.

    rich-full-life let me comment only after I’d logged in, even though I’m already logged in.



    More info:

    I’m having no problems with sites.

    I cannot like or comment on non-WP sites, or WP hosted sites with their own domain.

    It started about 2 or 3 days ago. Before that everything was fine.

    Is it just me, of is it a systemic WP problem?

    Thanks. Appreciate any help you can give me to resolve this problem.



    Hi there Alison,

    I do see your comment on here:

    I was able to post a test comment to the same post while logged in as you. I was also able to like it for you! :)

    Are you now able to log in and comment as usual? Please be aware that if a user has changed their settings to approve comments before they post, you may not see your comment instantaneously. However, you shouldn’t have an issue with log-ins.

    I would recommend that you log our and clear your cache regularly, as it should help tremendously with this issue.

    Finally, “likes” are being tweaked, so while there has been a bit of a flux with them in the past few days, you shouldn’t have any problems now. You will only be able to see your like register if you are logged in. If you see an issue with this again, I would log out, go to your dashboard, log in, then return to the post you’d like to comment on.

    Just let me know if this continues to give you issues!



    Thanks for helping. Well I should say trying to help. The problem’s not fixed yet. Darn.

    I can log in as usual. I’ve logged out and logged in again successfully.

    I’ve cleared the cookies of nearly 2000 sites!!!!! And cleared my browser cache, as far as I can tell. I think on Safari the browser cache is what’s called the history (of sites you’ve visited).

    I still can’t like on WP-personal-domain sites and non-WP sites. I can only like on sites, but since you said you’re tweaking that at the moment it may be just that that’s the problem. Not sure though since the commenting problem is also only on WP-personal-domain and non-WP sites.

    I can now comment on WP-personal-domain, and non-WP sites – however . . . . .the issue is still the same. Instead of just commenting (and yes I’m aware that if it’s a first-time comment on the site I’ll get an “awaiting moderation” notice) I get a box to fill in with username and password which leads me to a page saying – “You are being asked to login because (email redacted) is used by an account you are not logged into now.” I am logged into it, and who’s it being used by? And why can’t I simply post a comment like I did in the past without having to go through filling in the form, and then getting that message, and then having to log in?

    Thank you for any help you can give me.



    Did a little more research.
    This blogger,
    with an ordinary blog like mine was able to “like” a post by on the most recent post of 11 Jan 2013.
    This blogger,
    with an ordinary blog like mine was able to “like” a recent post by

    aapatawaran and rich-full-life are both examples of WP hosted personal-domain blogs that I’m having problems with.

    I can’t “like”, and I can only comment if I go through the whole log in process described in my previous post .

    Also when I click on the gravatar of any of those who’ve “liked” a post the page won’t open.

    Thanks for any help.



    Some more things:
    All the WP personal domain sites are extremely slow to open both on my computer and my husband’s computer. Other sites are opening normally.

    My husband is a WP member, but doesn’t have a blog. He went to rich-full-life on his computer and couldn’t “like” either. Even though he was logged in he was asked to log in again and even after doing so it had no effect.

    And the same as with me he was asked to log in again when he tried to comment even though he was already logged in. The comment didn’t appear. Yet. I have noticed that the comments arrive some minutes, or hours after they’ve been made.

    I hope all this information is helpful. Since my husband is having the same problems, with his computer, I suspect the problem must be systemic, not just with my blog. But it also seems to be erratic. Many people do seem to be able to like and comment without problems.

    All I know is that I’ve had these problems for about 4 or 5 days now, and that they’ve never happened before, and it only applies to WP personal-domain, and non WP sites.

    aapatawaran, rich-full-life, and s3city are just examples.

    Thanks once again.



    Hi Alison,

    Thank you so much for these detailed responses! It’s so much easier to work through the issue when I don’t have a ton of guesswork to contend with :)

    So, I just logged in as you again and I checked rich-full-life (as an example site) and it was fully prepared to let me comment (I didn’t) without asking for credentials.

    Can you tell me more about your browsers? You say you’re using Safari, correct? What version are you running? Can you try turning off any extensions and can you also try running Chrome (We recommend Chrome and Firefox, but things shouldn’t break in Safari, either!)

    Can you ensure that you have third-party cookies enabled?

    Let’s chip away at this and get things working for you again!

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