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Problems commenting on other blogs

  1. The specific task I can't accomplish is this; I want to sign in to Typepad using my WordPress account so that my handle (not my real name) will be displayed with the comments. I cannot do this using either or OpenID; both tell me that my user name is invalid, even while logged in to wordpress. I have searched the forums multiple times for some sort of clue, and have not come up with anything useful. Suggestions welcome. Hard answers that work will be praised.
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  2. Thanks for the response, timethief. I noticed that you've been actively trying to straighten out confusion regarding the recent changes.
    I read both of those threads in my quest for a solution, and while they helped make the issue clearer, neither of them have helped resolve my problem. I go to WordPress, log in, then go to Typepad to sign in using my WordPress username, and get the message 'The username you provided is invalid.' I'm confused and frustrated, because everything I've read tells me that this should work, and yet it doesn't. I have happily and successfully commented on WordPress for a couple of years now - I just never bothered with actually signing in to Typepad, until I got tired of typing in my handle and e-mail for every comment.
    I think this is a problem for the Happiness Engineers - maybe they can whip up a batch.
    Thank you for your attention.

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