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    I am trying to put a RSS 2.0 badge on my blog. I followed the instructions on the FAQ which basically said to post the following code in SidebarWidget->TextBox

    <img src=”” alt=”RSS” />

    I don’t see the RSS 2.0 gif, instead I see “RSS”. What could be the problem? I wrote to support and they said the code I pasted seems correct.

    Thanks in advance,


    somehow, some extra characters wound up in there.

    try copying this:

    <a href=""><img src="" alt="RSS"></a>







    Hi…was wondering if someone can help me with the same problem…
    I just copied the html code here for the RSS badge and it worked, but when I try to create other badges such as AOL, yahoo, Digg and the rest from the FAQ, the corresponding images dont show up in my sidebar so obviously I’m doing something wrong. It would really help if someone could post the exact code that I need to put in my text widget, for example, the digg and aol badges…much appreciated!



    Did you actually register and then get the code(s)? For example: you must register at to get the code.

    If you did register then will you paste the code(s) provided for the badges and buttons here between backtics (the ` key is to the left of the number 1) so other bloggers can help you.



    Actually a link to your blog would be best so we could see what you’ve done would be best. I do note that there isn’t a blog attached to your username here not a blog here at with your username so all we can do is guess.



    This is the link to my blog
    No I didnt get any code from digg or anywhere’s else, I simply tried to go down the badge FAQ page and get the badges listed there. Sorry if I sound stupid, but am I supposed to go to each and every one of those badge websites to get a code first? I thought it was just a matter of inserting my blog url in the coding provided on the FAQ page.



    That’s only if you want to display your own RSS. If you want to display the other RSS feeds, yes, you need to go to each site to get the image and code. WordPress doesn’t host badges for all those other sites, you have to get them from the source.



    Thanks raincoaster, so I dont need to go to other sites then. Can you show me the exact code to display a couple of the badges from the FAQ page then…I’m still not getting it right?
    Thanks for our help.



    The only image hosted here at WordPress is the RSS image itself, the little orange thing, which is hosted at If you want to display any other image for another RSS feed like Technorati, you have to go to the site and get the image or design it yourself and upload it.



    If you like, you can put this “AddThis” rss feed badge code in a text widget for your readers to use.

    <!– AddThis Feed Button BEGIN –>
    <img src=”” width=”160″ height=”24″ border=”0″ alt=”AddThis Feed Button” />
    <!– AddThis Feed Button END –>



    Pardon if this is a repeat question.

    I followed the instructions for adding badges by which to add my blog via other readers (Diff, furlit, etc.) from the FAQ section:

    >>”For example to create an RSS badge that links to this blog’s feed, the text widget will >>have this in it:
    >><img >>src=”” alt=”RSS” />

    While the badges appear, clicking on them leads back to WordPress to sign up for another blog.

    Did I totally mistake the purpose of the badges?

    Thanks and happy holidays.

    Ron Kaplan



    It appears the link to your blog feed is missing:

    <a href=""><img src="" alt="RSS"></a>



    Thanks, sacred:

    That worked for the first one, but not the rest. Suggestions?

    I’m sorry if I appear dense, but I don’t see what’s missing…

    Thanks, again for whatever help you can suggest.


    You say not the rest, please explain.


    You need to have the feed URL’s of your feeds from the other readers. That URL will replace the URL of your feed which is

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