Problems displaying WordPress embedded videos

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    I recently purchased the Video Upgrade so I could upload & embed videos into my posts without having to go via YouTube – and I have been having problems with the video displaying after I have embedded it and published the post.

    Sometimes when the page loads, the embedded video shows up fine – but other times there is just a big white gap where the video should be. Why is this happening? (I have had some readers complain about this too so it is not just my computer)

    Here is the post with the video I am talking about (the 1st video is embedded from YouTube but the 2nd video is embedded from a video file that I uploaded into my WordPress video library – that is the one I am having problems with):

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is



    The white gap usually shows up when you’ve been viewing a lot of videos or there’s a lot of media on a particular page; it used to happen to me when there were six YouTubes on the front page of my blog.

    Try clearing your browser cache and cookies and restarting the computer. Report back if that works; it’s virtually always a browser issue.



    I can see your WordPress embedded video just fine as you can see in this screen shot » usually when the issue of a video not loading it’s a simple cache dump which you can complete by following these instructions », Browser Issues « Support — If your readers encounter the same issue of the video not displaying just pass on the instructions to them for a simple fix,



    Thank you everyone for your suggestions! :)

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