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    Cannot embed vimeo videos. I have tried everything. Youtube videos embed fine, Vimeo videos, however, dont embed, and they’re the sole purpose of my blog.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    How are you embedding them? Are you following the instructions in this Support doc?



    If you are trying to use the “autoembed” method of simply putting the URL of the video in your post, you need to remember that

    1. You must have AutoEmbed enabled in your Dashboard>Settings>Media Settings>Auto-Embed
    2. The video link must be on a line by itself in your post/page. Just to make extra sure, switch to the Text Editor to make sure there is not even a bit of errant code on the same line with the video link.
    2. The link cannot be an active link (highlighted in blue). If it is, use the “unlink” button in the row of buttons just above the Visual Editor compose box.



    That last “2” of course is “3”.


    I have the same problem..please help:(


    Never mind solved it not by what you said because I had already tried that a bunch of times. You must go on the visual editor click the shortcode button and add your vimeo Id to the short code like so;

    [vimeo id="video id" width="624" height="360"]


    Hi. I did follow everything in the support page and also tried with other browsers. Youtube videos worked fine. Vimeo, however, didn’t. For some reason the only thing that has worked out for me has been logging out of Vimeo when doing the embedding, and also doing it with Safari, not with Chrome nor Firefox. I have no clue why this happens, but it’s the only way it’s working out for me. I log out of Vimeo, search for my video externally, copy it, and embed it. Is there a reason for this?



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