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Problems finding Domain Registration info

  1. Months ago I moved my site from to -- when I did, something weird happened to my acount. (see the numbers that got added to my username) Now I am getting emails that I need to renew my registration, but I am unable to do that via the email sent, or by following the instructions on the site, because there are no "store" or domain administration options on my dashboard.

  2. What are the URLs for both blogs please?

    Please be patient while waiting for Staff to respond. I have flagged this thread for their attention.

  3. Only one URL:

    I bought the domain and then later switched the hosting.

  4. What was the original URL that you were domain mapping from to that domain please?

  5. amberbelldene1

  6. I am having the same problem as Amber. My domain is And My hosting (hostgator) is saying that the domain is no longer pointing to the webhost. Really frustrating. I can be reached via email at [email redacted]


  7. @amberbelldene951642554: hi there, it appears that you have two accounts on, and the domain registration upgrade is associated with the other account. It looks like you were able to log into the correct account and renew your domain name on November 16th. Let me know if you have any more questions about this!

  8. @darrickbranch: is associated with a different account and email address. I sent the recovery options to the email address that was using when registering this domain name.

  9. I have not been able to renew the domain I also received an email from you today stating that in order for me to retain my domain I have to pay you $100 to do so. I think this is totally wrong of your company being that I never received a courtest email or call informing me of the danger of the domain expiring. Not only that but when I transferred it to another hosting I no longer had access to any renewal or expiration info about the domain. This almost feels like a trap to get more money out of the purchaser when the most i've ever paid to renew a domain has been $14. We've spend thousands of dollars branding this domain with our company including production of business cards, stationary, brochures, promotional materials and even have newspaper articles and radio ads running promoting the current domain. This is totally wrong for wordpress to do this to any business with all that is at risk.
    I've followed all the protocol to recover my domain including providing the API Key and the transaction numbers. I even tried to access the account before the domain completely expired but your company had already locked me out of the account before it expired. I have copies of the account recovery requests sent to your company before Nov 14th which is the day of expiration only to have you respond 4 days later when the domain expired. What happened to the 24/7 customer support you advertise when someone is looking to purchase a domain or host an site with you.
    The question is what do we do to salvage things before we choose to take legal action. We await your response which i'm sure will take another four days. I also feel it is so unprofessional to not provide a phone number for your clients to call in cases of emergency such as this. is this intentional so you don't have to deal with complaints? Not happy right now.

    Hawaii Gridiron League
    [email redacted]

  10. Hi Darrick, I am sorry that your domain expired and I completely understand your frustration. I sent you a separate email to follow up on this matter, please respond there with any questions you might have. While we currently don't offer phone support, I'll be glad to help you out via email.

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