Problems from the recent (within the past day) dashboard revisions.

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    I use for my blog. I was surprised this evening to discover the Dashboard no longer includes (at the top, just to the right of the lefthand menu) my clickable blog title that takes me to the blog. The link has been inconveniently hidden two menu levels down at upper right (hover over my name, then go to pop-up menu, hover over blog name to pop up another menu, then click the final option (“Read blog”) in that menu.

    This strikes me as user-hostile, poor design. It’s quite common for me to go to reading the blog from the dashboard, and burying that link so deeply—well, it makes no sense whatsoever to me.

    I also cannot find any way to query support directly or to provide direct feedback.

    I do not like these changes, both of which strike me as frustrating to users.

    This is feedback, I suppose. When I could not contact support, I went to the forums and discovered that I have to register, and one item required was the version of WordPress I am using. I use—the free service, though I pay several annual subscription fees, so it’s really not “free” in the normal sense.

    The above got posted originally on the forum because the “help” link on my dashboard takes me there. Why am I being directed to the forums? I would like to know the thinking behind that.
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    Hi there,

    Thanks for your report that the help links are pointing to the .org forums.

    I appreciate your feedback, and we’ll keep it in mind for future updates. :-)



    Thanks. Can you also suggest that the mods on forums not slam people who post there following the instructions from WordPress? I did what I was told, and then to get slapped for it is highly unpleasant.

    Does your testing procedures not include testing links?

    I assume that you know that your new design is not Section 503 compliant. I assume a corporate decision has been made to ignore 503 compliance. Bad idea, IMO.

    BTW, I did finally discover where to contact support directly. When I finally did find this page, this entry box appeared above this legend:

    *Please fill out everything above.

    The only “thing” above was a single entry box. Yet the directions clearly suggest that multiple fields or pieces of information are required. But the only specific instructions are “Please describe the problem you are having.”

    I do not understand what “everything above” refers to—does it mean simply to “Please describe the problem you are having”—that is, are you simply repeating in different (and poorly chosen) words the instructions already given?



    Thanks for letting us know about these. We’ll work to clean them up.

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