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    I’m fed up with Blogger so I decided to come here. Anyway, I followed the Import instructions, waited 3 hours, and found my posts on my new WordPress blog.

    Upon further review, I only have 21 ACTUAL posts from my Blogger blog…..each entered 6 times on this new one. I have 140 posts at Blogger.

    Can anyone help me figure this out?
    Any tips?



    It’s Blogger. :)

    Not sure why you’re getting the dupe posts but I wouldn’t be doing it now though as traffic picks up over there. Something like 7-12 noon US eastern time would probably be best.


    Just to check, I created another blog and imported from Blogger.

    This time I only got thru a quarter of my Blogger posts, each transferred 8 times. I tried this at 7:30pm Eastern.

    Has this happened to anyone else?



    When I first came here, it took me hours and it never went through. So I just gave up and just assumed it was due to having lots of posts and pictures. Blogger blows!



    rhodeislander – nosy’s right Blogger blows! What’s happening to you happens all the time. Sometimes if you get up very, very, very early before Blogger is in major demand things may go a little better and sometimes not.



    7:30pm Eastern

    That may be your problem. 7-12 noon is in the morning. :)

    I know my server loads and bandwidths peak in the evening and decrease in the morning. Granted, the internet is global but something like 70% of my traffic is US or Europe based.


    I am trying to import from the crappy Blogger, but every time it gets close to 100% done, (Publishing with new template and options) it always ends up saying “trying again”, and I get nothing on the blog. Please help.



    7:03 pm Eastern US time. Worst time as stated above to try this folks. You need to be trying to do this when it’s early so that their servers aren’t as overloaded.


    Oh. I had no idea that the “7:03 PM Eastern” referred to this.



    Best bet would be to try importing when the internet is slow. Since most traffic is still US and Europe based, that’s why I was suggesting “7-12 noon US eastern time”

    Is anything importing from blogger? If so and if you don’t want your old blogger blog anymore, I would delete some posts that have already made it over and try again.



    I think the highest I got was 10%. lol



    I tried once to import into Blogger and got no where. Seems like 3 blank posts followed by three dupes over and over again.



    ok, i got fed up with blogger and moved here too! when i tried to import my blogger posts, it only did some of them. how do i get all of them? do i try to re-import them? i tried deleting the blog to start over, but it wont delete! what should i do?



    Semartin, you may want to read the thread you post in. Some suggestions were already made up above.



    I have two WordPress blogs:

    But when i try to import from my Blogger blog
    everytime it displays 404 Server Not found.
    Please help.



    It’s probably something on Blogger’s end. Wouldn’t be the first time I’m afraid.

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