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    I recently imported my blog from Typepad’s platform, and there were quite a few code-related issues – the format was completely off.
    A friend was kind enough to fix the code for me. I deleted all the posts manually, and uploaded his new, modified .txt import file.

    However, WordPress seems to think my deleted posts still exist. When I import his file, it lists everything that’s a duplicate, and doesn’t upload it to the site! Now all of these posts are completely missing.

    Is there any way to COMPLETELY clear my blog of all previous imports, so that it won’t think these posts are duplicates?

    All ideas are appreciated!

    Thanks a million,


    The blog I need help with is


    This is something staff will have to help with, but since the contact form is closed till the 6th, I’ll tag this thread for their attention and hopefully they will respond here soon and get things figured out for you.


    Awesome. Thanks so much!


    Howdy Alicia, can you make sure that you’ve not only deleted your posts but also emptied the trash? If the posts are still in the trash then the importer will match them there.

    If you empty the trash and it’s still not working feel free to get in touch when we open support up again in a few hours. Thanks!

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