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Problems in my blog

  1. Hi, in "Universo de A", my blog, one of my followers have said me that he can't enter because his antivirus says that my blog is have anithing bad... please help me, because is the second time, and I don't know what it is happening

  2. re:

    Have you hotlinked to any images on external sites that you did not have permission to hotlink to?

    Here's the result of the first report I ran on your site. No Malware Detected by External Scan.

    Here's the result of the second one

    Your friend could have malware on their own browser or computer from a browser extension or toolbar or adware that was included in a download. Disable all browser add ons, clear their browser cache and cookies and log in again.

  3. Hi, thanks, you were very useful. I had done the one with google, but he insisted so....
    Well, thanks again

  4. Hi there!

    Is your follower using the Avira Antivirus software? Rest assured that your site is virus- and malware- free and we make sure of that. I'd advise your friend to contact the software provider regarding the issue or install a different antivirus program. Thanks!

  5. Hi, no, he use avast, he says that my blog is the only one with the advice, he says that te source could be ""... maybe one of my images that I found in google comes from there... but I really don't know.
    It's a very strange situation.

  6. Hey there,

    Sorry for the delayed reply. Let me reiterate that your blog is virus-free and what is happening is your follower's antivirus software could be detecting a false positive.

    he says that te source could be ""

    I was not able to find an image on your blog that references to that URL. Additionally, when I tried accessing it, it gives me a 404 Not Found error. Do you recall inserting an image on your site via hotlinking?

    Alternately, you may ask your follower to install a different antivirus software. I was able to find a great article recommending alternatives:,2817,2372364,00.asp

    Please forward your follower to that link accordingly. Thanks!

  7. niekorimtonamai

    I can't upload photos... Size and format are right, but uploading error.

  8. Do a search of the forum. We've answered that question a hundred times in the last two days.

  9. Maybe I have insert any image via hotlinking, and maybe, it could be in this entry:; but I'm not really sure.
    Me too, couldn't enter in "".
    Well, thanks again for your attention.

  10. Hi again! Yes, I do see the problem there. I would suggest removing the hotlinked images from that post as the host site is reported as a malware distributor. If you need help in doing this let me know.

  11. Yes please, because I would like to Know the image or the images that are the problem; because, you Know, it's a little absurd clean every image because I don't know if one of them it is the problem (if the problem really it is in that entry), because we aren't secure, are we?.

  12. we aren't secure, are we?.

    Your blog is secure, it's only that the source of the hotlinked images you inserted to your post isn't. I would remove all the images to prevent the malware from affecting viewers of your blog. I took the liberty of taking a screenshot of the browser warning I received while viewing your site.

    As you can see, the warning lists three images from "" that are the source of the malware. Would you like those removed? Let me know, thanks!

  13. Yes, since my follower told me about "", I was pretty sure that it would be very possible that one or more of the images were the source of the problem.
    Well, finally, I think I have identified the images of the problem, and I have removed it... maybe the problem is solved... but if you can check it, I would be really grateful.
    See you!.

  14. Hi again!

    I've checked your blog post and did not receive a browser warning this time around. Congrats and happy blogging! :)

  15. Thank you very much again!, and best wishes for you too!.

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