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Problems in publishing pictures

  1. Hello,

    I have a problem in publishing photographs in my blog. I have cropped (in photoshop CS6) both the vertical and horizontal photos to be exactly same height (750 px). The heights of the photos seem to be correct when I upload the pictures in my media library. But when I add the pictures on edit-page, and upload & publish the photographs, the horizontal and vertical photos are not the same hight anymore. What am I doing wrong? All the tips are more than welcome. My theme is customized confit.

    Thank you in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Since the originals have varying aspect ratios, and since the posts display scaled down versions, cropping the originals to the same height is absolutely pointless.
    And since the originals have varying aspect ratios, there's no automatic way to do what you're looking for. You need to delete the regular width and height commands from each image code (in the "Text" editor), and add the style attribute with the height property and value. That is, turn this:
    <img ETC ETC width="WWW" height="HHH" />
    to this:
    <img style="height:NNNpx;" ETC ETC />
    For each different pair of images, you'll need to experiment till you find the right number for NNN.
    To get an idea of the proportions, the width of the post column in the theme you're using is 558px.

  3. Thank you. May I, please, ask an advice once more (apologies, I try to find an easier solution). I managed to post some pictures as same hight (750 px), as you can see for example on the Home-page, under the title Memory-work & Photography workshop. But with some pictures this does not work, even the hight of the photos is exactly the same (750 px). Can this problem be caused by some mistake I make when I download the pictures to media library (original size does not stay as I have set it)? I feel a little bit stupid now:) Thank you again:)

  4. a) You don't make any mistake when uploading the images. If you click on the displayed versions you can see the images in their original size (height 750px).
    b) But the displayed versions are not the same height and are not 750px high. As I said in my previous reply, the width of the post column in the theme you're using is 558px, so that's the maximum width that can be displayed. When you select the full-size option, images that are wider will be automatically downsized to that maximum (so if the aspect ratio varies, the height will also vary). In the post "Memory-work", the originals are 1000x750, 1005x750, 1010x750, and the displayed versions are 558x418, 558x416, 558x414.
    c) When you first asked about this, you were trying to display pairs of side-by-side images (hence the complication). Now you've got single-column full-width images: totally different situation. If you prefer full-width images, what do you care if they are the same height or not?

  5. Thank you very much for your reply. When I first asked this, I tried to post pictures side by side. Now I would like to post them below each others.

    I would like to have all the pictures to be displayed in my posts as "same size" -> like in the post "Memory work".

    But, if you, please, take a look at for example "Traces/Places" -post, you can see that even the height of the images is 750 px, some of the pictures appear in the post "longer" (or seem to be higher than 750). Is it because of the difference between horizontal / vertical originals (even I crop all the heights of the vertical and horizontal images as 750)?

    I am very grateful if you could explain me once more, or if you could find the solution how to post and display them all in "same size" / same height, as in the Memory-work post:) :)

  6. Hi again, now I get it:) It's the vertical image so it appears "longer":) :)

  7. You're welcome.
    As you realize now, the height in a post is unlimited while the width isn't. All oversized images are downsized to fit the fixed width of the post column. As I said from the start, it's no use cropping the originals to the same height only, because you won't get that height in the post anyway: you'll get the height that results from the downsizing; the downsizing is designed to make the displayed versions same width, so images of varying aspect ratios will show up with varying heights. Aspect ratio means proportion of width to height. If you want same size on the post, you need to crop the originals so that they have the same proportions, not the same height. If you upload a 1000x750 image and a 2000x1500 image, they'll show up the same size because they have the same proportions. If you upload a 1000x750 image and a 1200x750 image, they cannot possibly show up the same size (except if you deliberately distort the one of the two).

  8. You are so right, and I finally got it:) Thank you for being so patient:) If you now take a look at my blog, the pictures are cropped as 1:1 ratio, and it looks great. Thank you once more:)

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