Problems in publishing pictures

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    I have a problem in publishing photographs in my blog. I have cropped (in photoshop CS6) both the vertical and horizontal photos to be exactly same height (750 px). The heights of the photos seem to be correct when I upload the pictures in my media library. But when I add the pictures on edit-page, and upload & publish the photographs, the horizontal and vertical photos are not the same hight anymore. What am I doing wrong? All the tips are more than welcome. My theme is customized confit.

    Thank you in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    This Ideas forum is for making suggestions to Staff about features and functions. I tagged this thread so it will moved to the CSS forum for you.


    I see that you are currently using the Confit theme at

    I checked your 3 latest posts:

    And the images there match the images in the media library, but they are all square, so I’m not sure if you’ve adjusted something manually since you first posted your help request or if the images look differently to you.

    It always helps to look at a specific example. Can you reply back with a link to an example of a published horizontal or vertical photo that is appearing on your site at a height you weren’t expecting and point out exactly which image you’re looking at? Note that the images should be sized to fit the main content area, which is 558 pixels in Confit by default. That is the expected default behavior. You can change that if you add the right CSS rules. First, I’d like to make sure I’m clear on the image issue you posted about, and it would be helpful to see a specific example.

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