Problems inserting images into Posts?

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    I’ve been using my blog for the past few months. Recently I changed the theme to monotone, and I combined some of the posts. At the top of each post I set a picture that is inserted, so that it appears quite large. Below is the gallery of thumbnails. It was working fine for a few days, but now when the blog is accessed the large inserted picture doesn’t show up. I edited the first one and changed it to be centered, and then it showed up on the blog. Then I tried doing it to the second post as well, but the image was already centered in the settings. But when I checked the blog, the image showed up there as well.

    Does anyone know why with editing it shows up? Or why the inserted images disappeared in the first place?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    I forgot to include my blog url:


    a) Your images are too large: the main ones on Shoots 9 and 8 are 4032px wide, resolution 314 (the colored one an impossible 7.3MB in size). Browsers take too long to load such huge files: if you have a slow connection or a connection problem, the browser may time out before loading the image.

    There’s no point uploading 4032px wide images when the theme displays them at 840px maximum, and no point uploading high resolution images when all browsers display them at 72. You should make copies of your images, downsize them in an image editing application to resolution 72 and width 840px (or less than 800, if you want the colored background of the theme on all four sides), and upload and insert those copies. This way you don’t waste your storage space, and your pages will load a lot faster. Plus you’ll get better quality as well, because images downsized by WP lose quality – see here:

    b) The URLs of the main images of the previous posts give a 404 (not found) response. Are you sure you haven’t deleted them from your media library?



    Thank you so much for your response, I’ll re-upload the photos again in lower resolution and smaller and see if that fixes it for me.

    Thanks again!!



    Relevant support documentation link for others reading this thread after it ends up in the forum searchbox: troubleshooting images

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