Problems inviting new users to follow…..

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    I have sent invitations to friends and they are not receiving them. Not even in their SPAM folders. This is frustrating!

    The blog I need help with is



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    Which blog do these these invitations apply to?
    Do the friends have username accounts?
    If so then what are their usernames please?
    If they do not have accounts please post the email addresses for Staff. The software will redact ie. hide the email addresses from our view in this forum thread but Staff can see them.



    @timethief, thanks.

    @tempkimway, it looks like half of the invitations you’ve sent out were never confirmed by the users. When you send the details timethief requested, I can look into this further for you.



    Ok…I figured out why my friend wasn’t getting his invitation! TOTALLY my fault. Has to do with that whole .com vs .net thing! LOL! I appreciate you getting back to me tho! So far the only other problem someone has had with invitation was inability to get ACCEPT INVITATION button to work. But I have addressed this in a different forum thread and @csonnek is helping me problem solve that one. Thanks for your time :-)



    I’m glad you were able to sort that out.

    Have a good weekend. :)

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