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    I use Firefox 7.0.1 on windows XP and I don’t have any of these issues. I’m sorry that you do.


    Well. I do not use FireFox. Don’t like it. I use IE. And Intend to continue doing that. But I still need at solution for that loading problem…



    I’m sorry your don’t like Firefox as I find it works very well with WordPress. The solution when one browser doesn’t do the job is to choose to use another browser and if you don’t want to do that then I’m sorry but I can’t help.


    Thaks timetheif. ;-) I’ll just wait for others to answer then….



    Why wait? Why not contact Staff directly and access their expertise and advice?


    It probably will end up that way, I guess. :-D



    I click your “member” link under your username and I find many threads on this issue. I’m solution orientated strongly advise contacting Staff directly, as I feel repeated bumping of this thread to the top of the forum, as has been done with so many other of your related threads will also prove to be non-productive.


    That is just so not true. If you don’t like the thread then ignore it.


    I will mark the thread as resolved even though it is not. I will not participate in this…



    It’s easy to contact Staff. They have the expertise and all the required information and ideas that many resolve your issue. :(


    All right. I’ll include your complaints in an email to staff, if you prefer? Is that why you coontinue the discussion after I closed the matter?

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