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Problems Making Some Changes to CSS

  1. I purchased the upgrade to customize my CSS and I am having some issues. I've been able to make a few changes, but I can't figure out three things that I would really like to do:

    1. Change the color and size of my post titles

    2. Make the body copy of my posts NOT be right justified. I like it when the copy has a ragged right edge, like on the Tarski template.

    3. Make the headers in the sidebar bold and change the font size

  2. I should also add that I am using the K2-lite theme.

  3. I have the same problem...

  4. @ lm0312 and vecchiavolpe
    Just so you know I thought I'd mention that there is no staff support for css customization. Maybe, wank or sunburntkamel or ? may drop in and lend a hand.

    When css customization was introduced Podz (Mark) Keymaster Posted: 2006-08-04 17:21:24
    There is no support from myself for CSS issues.
    Any feedbacks / support requests will be directed to the forum.
    This is not because I do not want to help but because the issue is huge and to do so would adversely affect the support I do give already.
    There are many many resources for CSS and very soon people will start to showcase their efforts and hopefully share their code here. Answers are also better given in a public arena where more people can benefit.
    Additional support is not part of the upgrade.

    The following thread contains css resources

  5. i'll be back around 3 chicago time.

  6. ** thanks kamel ** :D

  7. 1.
    your entry titles are controlled by h3.entry-title a {}
    (a has 3 states, a:visited, a:hover, a:active, that you will want to color as well.

    your post CSS should look like this:
    .entry-content {<br /> font-size:1.2em;<br /> text-align:left;<br /> line-height:1.8em;<br /> color:#444;<br /> }
    right now you're missing that first period, that's why none of it's working. text-align: left; is what you needed, adding the period just makes it work.

    to get your widget titles to change, you'll need to use
    h2.widgettitle {<br /> color:#006699;<br /> font-weight:bold !important;<br /> }

    i just copied what you had under h2, and added the !important, which forces your style to override the settings from the other style sheet. .widgettitle just makes it specific to widgets. k2 uses h2 for archive pages like

  8. Sunburntka, thank you so much! I will give this a try. I'd almost given up on getting a response. Yay!

  9. sorry about that. i don't have much of an attention span. i saw your post at work, and couldn't answer it there. my hamster brain forgot about it before i got home.

  10. @kamel
    Not to worry because if you hadn't answered I would have hunted you down. ;)

  11. Many thanks to you both. I got most everything working, but I will tweak it a little more until it's just right.

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