problems mapping Google MX to my site

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    Hello, all…

    I searched the archives faithfully, but couldn’t find anyone else who had a similar problem. So forgive me if this road has been traveled before, but…

    I signed up for the domain upgrade for my domain, like a good WordPressian, and my blog now resolves to my domain. (

    The problem comes when I try to enable Google Apps for my mail. It tells me that my site is not using Google Apps. Although I know that it’s at least trying, because my report shows that Google MX is claiming to be my mail server host name.

    Any ideas what is going on here? Helllp!



    No ideas. But Support is open again and they’ve tweaked and improved the feedback form, so I suggest you ask them for help. They’ve got a section for Email help, so try that.



    Thanks, Raincoaster!



    i’m having similar problems ( were you able to fix it sarah?



    In order to setup your google mail on your mapped domain, you have to have the name servers pointing to, and There is no need to have the mx record to google because wordpress will do that for you. Once your records are just pointing to the wordpress name servers, it will allow you to enable your google mail on the “domains” page and put the verification text into it.


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