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Problems Meta Tag Verification

  1. Hi

    I wanted to verify my blog for Google - after following the instructions by wordpress I tried to verify - but I get this message: "Status 404 (Nicht gefunden) anstatt 200 (OK)" (I deleted the rest, as it is in german, but I believe this is what is important)
    I can see the Meta Tag in my source code - and it is in the Tools Section, too (just the numbers)

    Anyone got similar problems and knows a solution?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the site URL you are talking about?


  4. obviously

    have not used blogspot for years

  5. I assume you mean, .

    There have been some having issues with this since Google has changed things, but the code still seems to be working, just kind of erratically. It could well be issues on Google's end as well as I've had issues verifying a couple of .ORG sites just lately and if I wait an hour or two and try again, changing nothing, it goes through.

    There was a thread on this recently here in the forums, but I can't find it now.

  6. I waited for some time before posting ... but I guess I just have to remain patient and try over and over again :–(

  7. Since I can't find that thread here in the forums, I'll tag this thread for staff attention and hopefully the staff member that replied in the other thread will reply here.

    Also just for reference I'll give this link, , which give the procedure for verifying a site with Google, Bing and Yahoo.

  8. It can take a few hours before Google properly recognizes the tag.

    I'd recommend trying again tomorrow.

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