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Problems opening the blog

  1. patriziabarrera

    Problems opening the blog
    Hello! Some readers of my blog Magic Old America I have reported that they have difficulty 'to open and read the blog. Also I have difficulty '. I already 'cleared the cache and cookies, as you suggested, but nothing. What should I do?
    The blog and '
    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No need to post 3 times!

    I'm flagging this for assistance.

  3. patriziabarrera

    And 'my connection that has problems and I posted it three volte.Non are so' stupid! Hello!

  4. @gamenology1
    The duplicates, one after the other usually indicates that these forums were "burping" and most likely not the fault of the original poster…

  5. patriziabarrera

    ok but someone give me a hand to solve my problem? Thank you.

  6. @patriziabarrera
    Looking at your pictures, you've uploaded the widest ones to 584px. But your theme is resizing them to 547px with 6px padding and 1px boder to fit within the 584px maximum of your content column. I don't know if that is what's causing the slow load time though.

  7. Hi patriziabarrera, in addition to 1tess's suggestion, I also noticed that the image linking to Reverbnation in your blog posts loads very slowly. This may also be causing the slow load time on your blog. You could try using a different image or creating a text link to Reverbnation instead, to see if that helps.

  8. I took at look here as well:

    the main recommendation there is:

    Your front page is 485 KB long. Consider reducing the number of posts on the front page so it loads faster.

  9. Wow! Your blog is loading very slowly indeed. loads 93% slower than all tested websites.!/dQDnQ/

    Your blog’s load time will increase in accord with the number of images, videos, other media embeds and the number of widgets running script you have on your blog. Here are some strategies for reducing page loading time

  10. patriziabarrera

    Thank you all for your reply! I treasured your advice and now I will analyze them 'one by one. But I still have a question.
    How do I reduce the Front page? I guess it's the entry page.
    Thanks, I await response.

  11. patriziabarrera

    Ok Timethief. I read. But it 'so' complicated for me. It takes a degree in computer science to manage a blog? Anyway, thank you, I hope to learn.

  12. For reducing page loading time strategies please consider:
    (1.) Inserting the more tag into your posts.

    (2.) Reducing the size of images, the number of media embeds, the number of widgets, and the number of posts displaying on the front page > Settings > Reading.

  13. patriziabarrera

    Thanks for the info! I tried to enter the MORE button as advised me TIMETHIEF but it did not work! QUESTION:
    ONLY works with the new post? Or I can also use it to cut the old posts by changing the text?
    Thank you!

  14. You can also use it in old posts. When you look at the post itself on its own page, you can't see it, but when you look at the post on the main blog post, you will see where it cuts off.

  15. patriziabarrera

    Thanks, I feel so 'incapable!

  16. Don't get emotional about software. It doesn't care. It's a learning process for everyone.

  17. patriziabarrera

    Thank you,my dear! And Thanks to ALL!

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