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Problems Posting Pictures

  1. I'm trying to post a picture in a draft I have. The picture posts just fine, but the problem is that instead of being posted where I want it to be posted (at the bottom), it's posted all the way at the top. Should I do something to fix this problem, or is it just a bug in WordPress's system that the tech guys whould just fix?

    Also, sometimes in the captions, the apostrophes come out as small Ls. What's up with that?

  2. Hi. Since we volunteers can't see the draft, I suggest you either post the code here between backticks ( ` ) or publish the draft.

    As for the apostrophe issue, it's known and staff said they're looking into it:

  3. I have the same problem with pictures showing up on the top. How can I fix this problem?

  4. @airodyssey - Good idea. I'll post it tomorrow. And thanks for letting me know that the superscript problem is a known issue.

  5. @pokenirvash: You're welcome.

    @azukimakiba: We need the URL of your blog starting with http://


  7. That last URL says "条件に合う投稿はありませんでした。"
    (Sorry, no posts matched your criteria).
    If it's an unpublished (draft) post, please note what I told pokenirvash before: we can't see drafts. Only you and staff can see them.

    If you prefer, you can contact staff directly:

  8. I'm also having a major problem with all images appearing at the top of the daily blog post, rather than in the parts of the post where I place the cursor and select "left", "center" or "right". Can anyone tell me how to correct this?

  9. I have the same trouble with photos on the top. How I fix it?

  10. I posted a comment in this forum earlier too regarding similar issues. I don't know who I need to speak to.... but whenever I try and put in an image gallery it will be placed at the top of the post and will freeze my entire comment area. This has only happened since yesterday. Who would I need to contact to have this issue fixed?

  11. I have the same problem. I started a thread about it earlier today:

    It is ½ fixable - in editor: just cut and paste the wrongly inserted image to where you want it. Or cut n' paste the full image code on the HTML tab.

    That'll do until WP corrects the bug.

  12. The tiny edit icons that appear over the image in editor also seems to work...

  13. Thanks universalgeni! I'll give your 1/2 fix a try tonight. In the meantime, I sent a problem form to WordPress informing them of the difficulty we're having. That was almost 24 hours ago and no response yet. I post anything they send when and if they do.

  14. peregrinacultural

    I am also having the same problem! I am working on a draft and can´t make the pictures go where I want them to go...

  15. I have the same problem and reported it to staff. Just had an exchange with a staff person who asked me to try editing my blog on Mozilla Firefox to determine if the problem is exclusively related to Internet Explorer users. I did so and discovered that I could edit the blog on Firefox without any problems so the problem is related to Internet Explorer. Staff is working to resolve the problem.

  16. peregrinacultural

    Yesterday I contacted you because I could not post my pictures where I wish them posted. They would all go to the top of the page, clustered in the inverted order in which I posted. I have waited for wordpress to answer my questions and to come up with a solution. I have, as a consequnce, not posted anything, in waiting... But I have had no help. Please, help. I have Mozilla, but prefer -- because I am more familiar with -- the Explorer. I have been blogging with you on a daily basis since 2008 and don´t understand why I should change from Explorer to Mozilla from one day to another. I would be thankful for a resolution of this problem. Ladyce West

  17. I have also had the same problem with placement of photos...mine began out of the clear blue sky when I tried to write a new post on Thursday (Australia time). After fiddling around with it over the next few days I decided to try not changing the original photo file number and that has worked for me. So instead of making a comment that shows up when the photo is shadowed I've just left it as the number, not as good as a title but it's allowing me to put the photos where I want them!

  18. If you want to contact staff, do so via your dashboard Help button. They're not really reading this thread.

  19. I'm relieved to see this thread and know that I'm not the only one having this issue. All my images are posting at the top, as well. Yes, you can cut and paste the image elsewhere, but then any caption you've written is dangling up there. I haven't tried to cut and paste it, too; it seems this is getting messy. I want to contact WordPress Support but don't see a way to do that. It seems by now they must be aware of this widespread issue...?

  20. peregrinacultural

    I have now been able to post the photographs as I wanted them. But had to use Mozilla. Explorer will not do it. The problem of using Mozilla is simple: it requires me to download every program I already have with Explorer. Mozilla requires new downloading of Adobe Flash, etc. It would be nice to have the problem resolved with Explorer. Meanwhile I will manage with Mozilla.

    Problems here at Worpress seem to have appeared immediately after Windows automatically downloaded 31 new updatings in my computer. This may be the source of the problems.

  21. That is an issue with Windows which requires a separate flash plugin with each browser. On Mac, Safari and Firefox use the same flash plugin so there is only one download and one upgrade to be made.

  22. Hi guys, we're looking into these reports. The trouble with inserting images seems to be limited to Internet Explorer, so using Firefox or Chrome is a good workaround while we work out what's causing the problem in IE.

    We'll keep you posted on progress.

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