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Problems Publishing New Posts on FaceBook

  1. blazingportals

    WordPress will not publish a "new" post on FaceBook. It will publish any of my older posts, but not the new one that I blogged today. Following a WP forum's advice, I went into FB and deleted the wordpress, and unchecked FB from wordpress, and then authorized both again, and it will still not post my new post from today. I did this twice, and to no avail. It will however, post on linkedin and on Twitter. It appears to be a glitch on wordpress. I am still getting the same message: "If you would like to continue publishing your posts to Facebook, please refresh your connection before publishing this post." So I tried to do that before I published the post. After I clicked the link to "Refresh," it does and then says "you have successfully connected to FB." I checked that my blog is still "connected" to Facebook, and as well as FB. Please help. Thanks..
    Blog url:

  2. I just noticed that ALL of my (share with Facebook) posts have disappeared from our Facebook page, and also on the pages of those who had reposted them. They were there this morning. - MW

  3. @moriahtree
    I have flagged this thread for Staff attention and another one here >

  4. What is going on? I can't begin to think how many bloggers this is devastating right now!

  5. This is happening to us as well:
    Has staff responded anywhere?

  6. No Staff has not responded as yet and there are now 4 threads on the same issue.

  7. espinosakitchen

    Same problem as of this morning

  8. patronsaintofknives

    Well... It looks like the problem is bigger than me. This is happening for my posts as well. FB removed the link to my blog this morning and will not even let me post it manually. it says...

    The content you're trying to share includes a link that's been blocked for being spammy or unsafe:

    For more information, visit the Help Center. If you think you're seeing this by mistake, please let us know.

  9. It might be a good idea for someone at WordPress to look into it pretty soon. Contacting facebook did no good, other than getting a boilerplate response.

  10. I do have this problem too !
    For almost a week now, facebook won't publish my wordpress link.
    I've disconnected wordpress of facebook, reconnected it but still it doesn't work !
    And that's the same for my 2 blogs connecting to 2 differents facebook page...

    Hope they will find a way to solve this problem soon because this is a real blogger problems.

  11. Try posting again. I just got mine to "stick".

  12. I've been trying to post them again over and over and it makes absolutely no difference...

    What do you mean by you got yours to "stick" ?

  13. We're sorry for the trouble!

    The block is definitely Facebook's end, and we're trying to work with them to resolve this.

  14. Thank you to be so reactive ! Facebook is really annoying, they should work it out quickly !

    I could publish it now on facebook but who knows if it will work again in a couple of days with Fb !?

  15. Same proble here, WP cant publish to FB and twitter last 24 hours
    my blog is

  16. My posts are now showing up on Facebook again. Many thanks!

  17. This should be all fixed up now, though it may take some time for Facebook to return to the old Publicized posts to your wall.

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