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Problems reaching Dashboard

  1. Hello,

    Sorry to do this here as opposed to sending a feedback, but I can't reliably reach my dashboard to send one. Saturday night and during the day Sunday I found that when I tried to log in, I'd get an error message about a Redirected URL (or something like that, I am really sorry I don't remember what it said exactly). Today, at work, I tried to log in and was told, "Firefox can't find the server at"

    I was able to log in just now from the forums screen, but not from Once I logged in via forums, I tried to go to to access my dashboard that way, but nada -- the header with the dashboard, the next blog, etc. wasn't there.

    I've logged in from here almost every day with no problems, so I wonder if there is something going on with my account, perhaps? I skimmed through the recent forums to see if there was anything similar, but didn't find anything. I'm using Windows XP and Firefox in both locations.

    Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions/fixes.

  2. Between the time I sent that in from work and the time I got home and checked, the issue (at least from home) appears to be resolved.

  3. not that it's much of a problem but lately each time i log in wp it doesn't automatically direct me to dashboard but to my blog instead. i have to click on dashboard on the upper left to get into it. what's changed? i use the regulus theme

  4. Sulz - no idea, hopefully podz will be along soon and see this.

    faceforward: you can send an email to the team by using support @ wordpress . com (without the spaces). Give them a shout and hopefully they will help you out.

    In the meantime, have you tried doing the cookie dance?

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