Problems related to Character Encoding and the UI

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    Hi there peeps!

    Some tima ago I imported my Movable Type blog into, but had a problem with character codification and had question marks in chars like ñ, ä, and such.

    So, I started to look around and see how could I solve it. One of my tries was changing Character Encoding to UTF-16 instead of UTF-8(recommended). Then, the whole blog and the WP UI went nuts, and everything appears in asian ideograms and strange characters. You can see it at

    I’ve now created another blog ( ), with no problems in char encoding(the problem was the char encoding when exporting from MT, i think). Now I want to delete the old one, but due to that UI problem, I can’t!

    I contacted Support Guys yesterday, but no answer yet. If anyone has some advice, it’ll be very welcome.

    Thanks a lot.



    That’s a backend question. Best bet would be to send in a Feedback from your Dashboard. There’s not a whole lot we can do here in the forums for you.



    Yeah, thanx, I sent the message as feedback and the guys solved my problem in almost no-time.


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