Problems transferring a blog between wordpress users

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    I wanted to change my username/url so I created a new wordpress account and transferred my old blog to it. I got the email confirmations and clicked removing the blog from the old user name. The problem is that the blog was not added to the new account. I had no upgrades and thought this would be a totally automated process. The blog is still up: but I have control over it. Has anyone else had this problem?

    The blog I need help with is



    Normally it requires staff intervention to remove the original admin of a blog. I suggest that you contact staff via your dashboard Help button and they will get this sorted for you.


    Thanks for your advice. I emailed them. What a mess. I sort of wish there had been a note saying this wouldn’t have been automatic. The instructions to transfer to another user name made it seem like it would happen instantly. Hope I can get access again soon.


    Ok. I think I figured out what happened. Looks I transferred my blog to the wrong account! What a mess. I was trying to send the blog to username pressmanshawaii but sent it instead to username bpressman. I don’t know who user bpressman is nor how to contact them. Is there a way to email another user without knowing their blog? I emailed the help people again asking them to cancel the transfer. Man.. what a mess.



    Staff will be able to sort it out. Just wait to hear from them.


    Thanks. I guess they are my only hope. I feel pretty stupid.


    Happy to report that support emailed me today and restored everything. Yay. 2 cheers for wordpress. Thank you raincoaster as well.



    You’re welcome, glad to hear it all worked out.

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