Problems transferring domain registrar to bluehost

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    I went through a manual transfer of my blog from a free to self-hosted on bluehost. I followed along with all of the tutorials and documentation available on the sites, including the steps necessary to transfer the domain registrar. I was supposed to get an email from the “losing registrar” asking me to accept or decline this change, but instead I received an email saying that the registrar transfer has been denied because of “express written objection to the transfer from the transfer contact.” Huh?

    I contacted bluehost who directed me to Wild West Domains who said the problem was on your end WordPress. All I need is that you “release my domain” and send me the email so I can click accept and finish the last steps of this change to my blog. I wrote you for help, but have not gotten a reply yet. Somebody please tell me what else to do.

    The blog I need help with is



    Also, where’d my followers go? Is that part of the consequence of wordpress not releasing my domain registrar to bluehost?



    What is the blog URL in question here?

    The nameservers control where traffic for the domain goes using DNS. If you are moving from to a self-hosted blog, you can enter the nameservers provided by your web hosting company to switch your domain to their hosting service. If you’ve registered your domain through and now want it to point to a blog or website hosted elsewhere then you can do this by updating the nameservers.

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    I had started this blog on, registered the domain there, gotten privacy, everything. But now I wanted to start using plugins, running ads, and maybe even writing sponsored posts. So I chose bluehost as my new web host, downloaded, and went through all of the steps both wordpress and bluehost recommended for making the switch.

    I turned off the privacy, unlocked, and changed nameservers to bluehost in my domain manager, but the next thing was supposed to be accepting or declining the change in an email I was to have gotten. I’m really not very tech savvy and wasn’t sure if I’d done something wrong, so I contacted bluehost support who sent me to Wild West Domains (which is named somewhere as part of my original registration through and was then told the issue was at and I really have no clue what to do.

    Thanks for helping! I’m just learning about all this and don’t really know what half of the words I just used even mean LOL

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