Problems uploading a new image header

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    Hi, I know other people have asked similar questions to this but I didn’t want to post because they had been resolved… however, my specific question wasn’t answered. I’m new here, so excuse me if I don’t quite know how things work :P

    Anyway, I’ve been having trouble uploading a new image header but I’m sure I’ve followed all the necessary steps. The image is the correct size, I’ve clicked browse and brought the picture up to be cropped and it’s been perfectly centred. However, when I click ‘save’ the image disappears. When I reload it still isn’t there, and when I view my site it’s just blank.

    What am I doing wrong? It’s extremely frustrating. I’m using Internet explorer 7, if that helps :/



    Ooh, don’t worry. I’ve suddenly somehow had a breakthrough.

    If anyone else is having a similar problem, (I think) this is how I resolved it.

    (Also, my problem was that I had created a header with words on it, and I didn’t want the default text to show. I clicked ‘hide text’ and it would disappear, but somehow I think it was stuffing up my image and making it disappear too. Don’t ask me how :S Trial and error seems to prove me right though.)


    *I completely restarted so the image and colours went back to the default settings.
    *Then I uploaded an image that had just a picture and no words
    *It seemed to go in fine and I was completely surprised. This was the first time it had appeared properly for me. Usually it would say image updated and then disappear :/
    *I had decided that it was the text which was stuffing my image up, because when the text was hidden my image was hidden, but if the text was there the image appeared. Weird, but whatever.
    *I think the order in which you ‘hide text’ and ‘upload image’ is important here. It seems temperamental or something. So I hid the text first and saved it. The image didn’t disappear.
    *Then I uploaded my proper image, the one with words and crossed my fingers. This time it didn’t disappear. Woohoo.

    Sorry if that confusing resolution doesn’t make sense to anyone. Trust me, I’m confused too :/

    Therefore the moral of the story is, computers suck and change their minds just to spite you. I don’t know exactly why it’s working now and not before, but I think it’s because my computer wants me to look stupid. If anyone could shed some light on the subject I would be very grateful.






    I’m using the Daydream theme, however the image I cropped just didn’t appear. It appeared at the first time though, right after I cropped, but not anymore. I tried following the steps above but couldn’t help. Any advice?



    You cannot upload your own custom image image header to Daydream theme. You can only choose one of the four options for headings displayed under “Daydream Options”.
    The themes that you can make your own custom headers for are Ambiru, Benevolence, Blix, Connections, Contempt, Cutline, Kubrik, Neat, Pressrow, Pool, Regulus, Rubic and Sapphire.




    Thanks for the link Podz. I typed “custom image header sizes” into the FAQs search box and did not find the thread. I an not a FAqs search box fan because it does not seem to recognize key words.

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