Problems Uploading an image

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    I am currently trying to upload images to a page in my blog.

    I go >> Edit page > Upload > Browse > select the file I want to upload, put in title, etc. >> Upload >

    Usually, it takes me to the next page with the following options:
    Full Size

    But when I try to upload this particular picture, I only get the “Full Size” and “Title” options. I do still have the “File” “Page” and “None” options.

    Usually, I also get a little thumbnail picture preview of the pic I’m trying to upload. But this this picture, all I get is an outline with the box with the red X and the title of the photo.

    I am trying to load a regular jpeg image, using Internet explorer. I upload other pictures from my computer and get the “Thumbnail” option. It’s just this one jpeg.

    Is there resolution or size limitation? All my pics were taken with the same camera, roughly the same size, and are saved in the same location on my computer.

    Any ideas??




    Thank you! It just had to be resized a little, but that worked.

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