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    I am having problems uploaiding a customised header to my blog. My theme is Chateau and states that the dimensions are not to be wider than 960 x 260. However my customised blog header is 260 (height) x 450 (width) and I am having major problems uploading it, as the cursor only allows me show a slither of the illustration.
    I also have the header in its original size which is 2010 x 3480, and when I tried to upload this and resize it- again I was only allowed to upload a slither of the illustration.

    Will I be able to upload either of the illustrations so that the whole image can be seen?

    Many thanks

    The blog I need help with is


    The header image area has fixed dimensions. You need to create a version of the image that conforms to those exact dimensions, and upload that version.



    Uploading image that are HUGE or small makes no sense as the cropper comes into play and image quality is lost due to the distortion from scrunching or stretching the images to make them fit. In all cases optimize and pre-size your images to fit the maximum displayed image width in posts and pages, and/or sidebar width, and/or header dimensions prior to uploading them.

    If you do not have desk top image editing software, then I recommend using a free online image editing program to optimize and correctly pre-size the header image to the correct dimensions before uploading it here > Appearance > Header
    Ten Free Online Image Compression and Optimzation Programs


    Thanks for the tips, I got someone to crop the image and it now fits.

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